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Our certified SANS 1475 workshop, filled with highly skilled and accredited technicians, are equipped to service, supply and repair all your fire equipment. Ranging from fire extinguishers, hose reels and hydrants to the ever-intricate fire protection systems – such as fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinklers – we offer the complete package. More importantly, we are able to provide your staff with the necessary training on how to use the installed equipment. Furthermore, without any “middle-man”, we are able to supply you with brand-new, innovative fire equipment at reasonable prices.


services consulting


Assessing your company’s assets in line with the SANS 1475 Regulations (fire equipment); SANS 0400 (fire prevention) and SANS 0139 (evacuation procedures). This practice is intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire and end ensuring compliance to the insurance industry


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As part of managing health and safety of any enterprise, it is imperative that you control the risks in your workplace. Our specialist will assess your premises to ensure compliance as well as taking reasonable steps to prevent harm to employees.


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Our fire investigation officers who have more than 25 years municipal and industrial fire investigation experience. We utilize a specific investigation approach for accident and incendiary fire investigation, which emphasizes a collection and documentation of evidence to each specific incident. Our experience has proven that this approach is a very effective way of conducting public-sector fire investigations, with remarkable success.


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We have specialized, accredited training facilitators who conduct the training in the industry, as affordable prices:

  • First AID
  • Various fire-fighting courses
  • Incident Management